Techman Systems specialized in IP telephony, Networking, CCTV, System integration, Solar panels, Wind generators etc.

IP telephony

IP telephony

IP telephony has reshaped the business organizations and revolutionized the way of business communication. It is a sophisticated style of communication technology that allows.. more

UC systems

UC systems

Unified Communication systems are aimed at integration of all communication channels throughout the whole organization (including in-building as well as remote-access communication) such as..more



Techman Systems offers design, engineering, and implementation of advanced network infrastructure solutions for commercial and public sector organizations of all sizes.. more


Video Surveillance (IP)

We offer a range of CCTV and open standard security surveillance systems based on Internet Protocol (IP). Our solutions are effective and reliable, ofering.. more

Building Automation Systems

Building Automation Systems

Building automation systems (Smart buildings) can significantly simplify facility management and help your building become more cost-efficient, comfortable and safe..more

Solar panels, wind generators

Solar panels, wind generators

We offer a range of self-contained photo-voltaic solar panels (30W to 300W) and small wind generators for commercial and industrial applications in distant or isolated places.. more


Software development

Techman Systems provides a range of custom business application development services to help our clients maximize the use of IT and optimize business processes and management more


Meteorological Stations

Professional weather stations with versatile sensor configurations.. more!

Where Technology meets Management

Open architectures. Open door for opportunities.

Qatar thinks different..

Our goal is to energize Qatari market and stimulate fresh, innovative solutions, always seeking opportunities to educate our clients towards alternative approaches that are changing the IT world today.

There is a sea of opportunities to add value to your IT investments. Combining open architecture principles, more thoughtful analysis and smart choice of innovative vendors can sometimes do miracles.

  • “Open technical architectures permit a small entrepreneurial firm to compete with larger, entrenched rivals via higher return on invested capital”.

    Baldwin C.Y. Entrepreneurial Use of Architectural Knowledge

Cost Effective

We build solutions with minimum recurrent costs. You pay only once for the system, and get free scalability with zero to very low maintenance cost. Eliminate vendor lock-in, and more importantly, save money by eliminating significant part of proprietary costs.

Outstanding Scalability

We deliver systems with great advantage of being able to easily add new users or extensions via the web, at no extra costs with quick and easy setup time (free training included).

Smart Choices

We know that most of the large expensive systems out there, simply, can not be cheap. But we also know that good, feature rich, quality systems can be cheaper than you think they could be.

Minimized Obsolence Costs

Minimized obsolescence costs in future equipment/module replacement. Your capital investments are less risky with ability to gradually refine them instead of leap changes (obsolete equipment).

Take Control

Take firm control over strategic direction of your IT architecture, and technology decisions that drive your business. Let us help you build highly competitive solutions based on open architecture principles.

Stay Flexible

Protect your IT investments by utilizing (wherever possible) general non-proprietary industrial standards and protocols of communication and eliminate large vendors’ control of your strategic technology decisions.